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How To Quickly Delete All Messages From Messenger On Facebook
How To Quickly Delete All Messages From Messenger On Facebook

How To Quickly Delete All Messages From Messenger On Facebook

Firstly, you have to find a conversation that you want to delete. Once you choose a conversation, tap on Kebab menu shown by three vertical dots located at the top right of the page, doing so will show you a pop-up menu with a list of options. Here, you need to tap on the Delete Conversation option from the menu. This software allows you to permanently delete messages, contacts, photos and all other personal documents from your iOS device.

Whether you do or don’t have 2-Factor Authentication enabled, you can get updates on your e-mails, Facebook Messenger, Facebook profile, and even your cell phone with this setting. This will allow Facebook to get a hold of you if someone actually logs in on an unfamiliar or new device. Not to forget, it is also a medium to keep in touch with people in your network just like WhatsApp or any other instant messaging app. So, if you are wondering how to continue using Facebook Messenger even when the account is deactivated, keep reading.

If you remember what you talked about during a specific conversation, try using one of the keywords to locate the exact date or time of the chat. Just click on the Delete option to delete the message. If you are using the mobile, select the particular message, you will see theDelete option.

It was upgraded several times when it was made available for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. It was superseded by Windows Live Messenger and Microsoft Lync. The pioneering concept of Social media was to share your social updates and activities publicly but soon privacy features took over the platform. Maybe it is the reason that people started loving Snapchat and Instagram-like Apps due to more privacy features. To stay in the picture, Facebook’s Messenger has also introduced many competitive privacy features, one of which is Vanish Mode.

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I have a couple of accounts that I no longer have access to which I may have posted a rant expressing my feelings about a situation I was going through with another person. Also some other posts on my account that was never posted by me but rather from someone who has hacked my account and manipulated images to make it look I was doing certain things. I believe some of my personal images may have been compromised to be used against me. Will now try to use the info you have shared to try and help me rectify my situation with Facebook. Someone suggested I was logged into my account on too many electronic devices at the same time.

  • Another method on how to sign out of Messenger from your Android or iOS Facebook Messenger app is from the Facebook website, usually from a computer or browser on your mobile phone.
  • It’s the app with a blue-and-white speech bubble icon containing a lightning bolt.
  • Active sessions show you all the devices and browsers that have been used to login to your account, which helps you to log out of Facebook.
  • First of all, it’s important to understand the underlying encryption that powers Secret Conversation.

However, instead of deleting a contact, you blocked a person then that person won’t be able to find your profile and cannot find you on messenger either. Many users are also unaware that they have this feature switched on. The other big issue people faced was that Facebook was automatically syncing phone contacts into Messenger.

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Once you open the Messenger, you are already logged out and encouraged to log back in using the same account or you can decide to switch accounts. At this point, tap on the Facebook Messenger app in the app drawer. Once you correctly followed the steps above, you will not log in automatically.

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Some photos don’t get deleted from the Shared photos. You need to check in the Shared Photos section which is on the right side on the page. If the picture you deleted is still there close your browser and open it again to check if it is gone. If the photo doesn’t go then you need to delete the entire conversation. Well, some groups are made only for a specific event or purpose. Now, on the completion of that particular event or task, the group becomes useless and confuses us among our other chats and groups.

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